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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a critical aspect of Digital Advertisements. It ensures a consistent position for the brand in the related keyword page and enhances the credibility of the brand. Maxlence, the leading digital marketing agency, focusses on improving the lead generation of our clients through this technique. We are one of the few organisations at the global level to have certified Google Adwords consultants as a part of our team. Our resources are well versed in the subject and continually update themselves about the advancements in the segment.

We focus on identifying the right keywords, conducting competitor analysis, enhancing the quality score and bidding the leads on behalf of the clients. We work on maintaining a high-quality score to aid to reduce the Cost per Click for the consumers.

Our team works towards assisting our clients to achieve enhanced results at an economical cost. Maxlence has successfully conducted multiple Google Adwords campaigns and achieved remarkable results. We work on all kinds of Adwords techniques based on the keyword strength and the client’s expectation.

Digital Marketing

Maxlence, the innovative and pioneering marketing solutions company specialises in providing avante grade digital marketing services to our clientele. We have over three years of experience in the industry. We have achieved exemplary results in all online platforms. We understand the company’s expectation and provide holistic or medium-specific solutions.

All the projects are customised to meet individual needs. We focus on the outcome and take every step towards achieving it. We pay uniform attention to all aspects as they play a crucial role in increasing the visibility of the company.

We begin with the development of the website or portal to display the client’s service. We improve the page rank through complete Search engine optimisation techniques. Our social media managers work towards establishing the brand in the leading SM platforms and enhance the client base through regular activities. Our company concentrates on all the mediums to attain holistic growth through digital marketing

Creative Advertising

Maxlence apprehends the impact on consumer behaviour when they view an advertisement. We impart this understanding and knowledge in every artwork we create. Ads are an inevitable aspect of the marketing world. They depict the company products and key characteristics through images and catchy phrases. The evolution of these images has a direct correlation with customer perception. This is an evolving segment where creativity becomes a necessity. Various aspects should be considered while developing an advert.

Our team spends quality time with the company’s representatives to develop a comprehensive knowledge about the products and their brand values. We then ideate to build the unique, informative and innovate concept that would capture the attention of the potential target group. We dedicate utmost caution to every minutae detail as it represents the brand image. We identify the most effective medium to position the advert and monitor the performance. Maxlence focusses on achieving maximum results with the client’s budget.

Creative Designing

Maxlence comprehends that creativity serves as the distinguishing factor in today’s competitive world. Our design team formulate creative and inventive concepts to distinguish our clients from their peers. Most campaigns let to get lost or ignored due to the high quantity of organic and paid adverts. Companies struggle hard to capture the consumer attention and this has a negative impact on the sales. Maxlence addresses this issue by developing innovative content for all online mediums.

We do not believe in the fusion of images and words. We communicate the intended message through utilisation of the storytelling technique. This addresses the issues faced by the potential target group or community and provide effective solutions through their products or services. We follow a minimalistic approach to challenge the end users and ignite their interest. We provide creative designing solutions for all collaterals inclusive of flyer, brochure, social media designs, web design and advertisements.

Online Branding

Branding is the process of formulating a unique message for the company and standardising the communication to all the stakeholders. Maxlence focusses on maintaining the reputation of the brand in all online mediums. We take special caution to convey the same message in the online and offline segments. We assist the client in identifying their unique and distinctive characteristics. We also support redefining the factors to meet the current industry trends. We develop the brand manual that serves as the reference guide for all campaigns and communications materials.

We evaluate all the creative and content to ensure that it fits the brand message. Our brand consultant works closely with the client’s team to deploy online branding campaigns. We emphasise on the significance of the message consistency in all platforms. We monitor the company’s name for negative comments and take corrective action immediately. Our online reputation management services are managed using automation techniques, making it reliable at all times.

Development Services

Maxlence has a team of web developers who assists our clients in developing anything from an interactive website to an eCommerce portal. Companies require a fully functioning website to stay connected with their consumers. A site has become a mandatory element of the business world. Small businesses without a working site is considered outdated and they find it difficult to sustain the business. The website might seem like a colourful interactive newsletter to the common human. But it is a complex coded algorithm that connects the company and the user through the world wide web.

Our developers are well versed in all coding languages and can handle all development challenges. We identify the client’s requirement and site traffic before finalising the strategy. Our coding team is the most skilled in the industry making us the preferred development partner.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the expected outcome of any marketing activity. Maxlence regulates the process of lead generations and assists the companies in the proper utilisation of the consumer information. A recent analysis states that businesses waste over a quarter of the enquiries received through the online medium. Every lead is vital as the offline medium often does not lead to effective collection of consumer information. Our team analyses the various digital platforms and reviews their call to action system.

We make the necessary changes to ensure a proper channel for acquiring the data. We then identify critical factors and deploy efficient data filtration techniques. This allows the clients to conduct target group-specific promotional campaigns. We recommend automation of these process to reduce the response time of the leads. We conduct regular reviews of the existing system to increase the conversion rate and enhance the revenue generations avenues. We understand the significance of every lead and take adequate measures for proper utilisation of the information.

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing does not mean the coalescence of words that companies use to market their services to their potential target group. It is the creation and development of relevant information that would uplift the image of the brand among its stakeholders. Maxlence aids the companies and small businesses across the globe to relish the benefits of content marketing. We understand the significance of quality content in today’s world. Consumers are highly awareness of the commercial segment and are no longer willing to accept the marketing gimmicks or false advertising. The wrong information can destroy the brand credibility in a short duration.

Maxlence creates authentic and reliable content on behalf of the companies. We identify efficient platforms for positioning of this information. We focus on strengthening the bonding between the company and the end user. Our team works towards developing informative and inspiring content for all marketing and promotional mediums. We assist our clients to redefine the industry trends through this medium.

Web hosting services

Maxlence has identified the efficient and secure hosting server for the benefit of our clients. Most businesses are familiar with the importance of web hosting services. However, it is not just about providing space for the website. It is about contributing to the effective and steady functioning of the site. It also plays a critical role in the security of the website, along with other essential benefits. We identify the ideal package to fit the client’s traffic requirements.

Our team continually monitors the servers to avoid any issues or threats. We also offer email accounts, File Transfer protocol access and WordPress support. Maxlence provides round the clock customer support to handle consumers enquires.

Project Management & Consultancy

Maxlence specializes in providing holistic digital marketing techniques concentrating on all avenues. We have the experience and expertise to work with major industries. This has given us in-depth knowledge about the segment. We deploy a systematic approach that allows us to maintain the consistency of all our projects. This also plays a critical role in ensuring quality outcomes in all our endeavours.  We deploy a dedicated product manager for all the clients who is responsible for all communications. We analyze a host of factors like product/service portfolio, competitor analysis, potential target group and a host of allied elements. This information allows us to brainstorm and formulate the ideal promotional strategy.

Maxlence has the in-house resources to execute the campaign or provide guidance if the companies have the team for specific platforms. Our company comprehends the inevitability of consistent marketing activities and articulate the plan accordingly. We strive hard to provide economical solutions and plan campaigns with high return of interest.

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