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Most people connect the city Mumbai with the buzzing traffic and overcrowded subway trains. They are not completely wrong in this assumption. This is the most populated city in India according to the 2011 census. It also occupies a position within the top ten in the global most populous list as well. The city has utilised this tremendous human resources and its prime geographical location to its advantage. It occupies a leading place in the economy, finance, art, culture, transportation and the list goes on. It houses a distinctive landmark that attracts as attractive tourist factors.

It always paves the way for various local and international businesses boosting the economy. It has become the alpha city for finance and entertainment, amongst other things. There are various notable organisations, institutions, companies located in the area. This makes it is an ideal platform for employment opportunities.

This has also aided the growth and development of allied industries that form an essential part of the ecosystem. The competitiveness is high in the air and brands are in constant requirement of efficient marketing solutions.

Maxlence, the leading digital marketing firm in India and Australia, is establishing their office in Mumbai. This is a boon to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area. The company has an excellent track record with its clients. Various notable factors differentiate the brand from our competitors. We provide holistic digital marketing solutions inclusive of web designing, website development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, public relations and online reputation management. We also offer design solutions for logos, brochures, flyers and corporate identity documents.

Our team is skilled and experienced to provide end to end solutions right from analysis to metric management. We have the in house resources to provide all services allowing us to extend standardised and affordable solutions to our consumers. Our process-oriented system allows us to maintain the quality of promotional campaigns and deliver all the solutions in time.

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Maxlence offers both full-fledged and specialised services based on the client’s requirements. We begin by conducting a thorough analysis and research about the consumer’s products and portfolio. We also study the direct and indirect competition in the market. This helps us craft the unique selling point to stay ahead of their peers. We then provide a detailed report about the next course of action.

This would include the short term, long term plans and the projected outcomes. We provide a comprehensive project calendar to enable our consumers to plan their allied activities accordingly. Our work commences with designing the website or making minor changes in the existing site if needed. We focus on developing and maintaining a creative and fully functional website. Our developers use the latest and best programming language to improve the back end functions of the site.

Our team has the expertise to formulate and design all kinds of websites right from sophisticated sites to eCommerce portals. Search engine optimisation is a critical aspect of digital marketing. It enhances the visibility of the brand and has a direct impact on the number of leads generated. We work using white hat techniques to ensure reliable and permanent results.

Our team educates the clients about the time frame involved in the project and the measurable factors. Social Media has become the hotbed for marketing and promotional activities. Maxlence is skilled to maintain and manage all social media platforms to benefit the brand’s preference.

Our creative team design inspiring and informative materials to communicate the marketing campaign message. Our Artificial Intelligence managed system assists in monitoring the online reputation of the clients.

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