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Local SEO

       Local SEO focus on improving the visibility of the website based on a particular place or area.

About Local SEO

Local SEO focus on improving the visibility of the website based on a particular place or area. This will concentrate on keywords that include the geographic location along with the service, e.g., Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne. This will work in synchrony with Google My Business and display the results in the Google maps page.

What Is Local SEO?

The Local Search engine Results pages are different from the standard results. These are targeted business listing that display the results in Google My business and the search results page.

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Why Do You Need Local SEO?

The generalised SEO techniques concentrate on a broader range of potential target group. The local SEO methodology allows companies to consolidate their efforts to achieve maximum returns.

How Does Local SEO Work?

This technique assimilates and works on three major factors like proximity of the service to the consumer, relevance of the product or service and the number of times the consumers search the product.

What Do We Do In Local SEO

Maxlence analysis the client’s expectation and identifies the list of essential keywords. This helps us to optimise the site to achieve desirable results in the region.
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How We Do It In Local SEO

We create keyword-rich content and post them in the related forums and site. We create a Google my business account with all relevant information. We regularly update the content to maintain the position.

Why Choose Us In Local SEO

Maxlence has a team of certified search engine optimisation professionals who have a clear understanding of the concept. All our efforts are focussed towards achieving results and increasing visibility.

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