Logo Design & Brand Guide

The website performance and design are two sides of a coin

About Logo Design & Brand Guide

Logos are the representative of the brand across all mediums. It establishes the company and emphasises the product and service in the minds set of all stakeholders. The logo composition generally includes the font, colour and mnemonics. However, this system has become quite outdated. An essential aspect of logo development is the formulation of the brand guide.

What Is Logo Design & Brand Guide?

The brand guide would enhance the utility of the logo and establish the vision of the company. The purpose of this service is to amplify the significance of the logo. The logo is no longer a design but an experience. This uplifts the image of the brand among the potential target group.

Why Do You Need Logo Design & Brand Guide?

The significance of Logo design has been steadily established in the past few years. It depicts the professionalism and uniqueness of the company. Small businesses are in the process of developing this identity. The larger corporations focus on upgrading the design to meet with the current market trends. The brand guide would eliminate all the confusions regarding the logo design and represent a unified purpose.

How Does Logo Design & Brand Guide Work?

All logo narrates a story about the company’s history, aspirations and portfolio. Though it might seem like an image and text at first glance, all logos represent the vision and ethos of the brand. The brand guide would contain information that would explain the results with clarity and precision.

What Do We Do In Logo Design & Brand Guide?

Maxlence, the leading digital marketing agency, has always been skilled and experienced to build the perfect brand image guidelines for the company. We under the client’s requirements and implement them in the logo design.

How We Do It In Logo Design & Brand Guide

Our team comprehends all the essential information about the company. We do extensive market and competitor research to identify the unique place for the brand. Our team of user experience and user interface designers implement the concept into the logo design.

Why Choose Us in Logo Design & Brand Guide?

We have the dedicated resources to complete the project within a shorter turn around time. We have the in-house team to brainstorm and formulate the effective plan for the project. We have a transparent and professional working system that has been welcomed and appreciated by our clients.

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