It is improbable to correct the errors
without knowing them first

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How well is your site performing? Are all the backlinks working effectively? Is your website keyword optimised? Companies always have nightmares about their website performance. There is a lot of issues that might damage the reputation of the brand. It is essential to identify these factors to rectify them. Maxlence is one of the few digital marketing companies in the country to conduct a free site audit on behalf of the client. We conduct a thorough analysis of the website that helps us to identify the site performance, keyword strength, backlinks, etc. We score the website based on these criteria and provide a valid ranking for each factor. Our team also suggests the corrective action and helps them to execute it with precision. Contact us today to know more about the site.

Comprehensive SEO Audit Report

Comprehensive SEO Audit Report

Our report would consist of these essential elements that play a critical role in the performance of the sight.

Site Performance

The overall performance of the site can be monitored by analysing the speed, bounce rate and session duration. These factors determine the consumer’s interest and experience of the site.

Page URL

The page URL description has a crucial role in the SEO of the website. It should be too long and must contain the relevant keywords.

Meta Description

The search engines read the meta tags to decipher the services offered by the company. We check this segment for the keyword strength and accuracy.

Server Errors

The server issues can have a direct impact on the performance of the site. We rank the server efficiency to determine this factor.

Image Description

The image and video description can enhance page ranking. It should contain the right amount of keywords and meaningful context.

Crawl Error

The backlinks and the connecting links in the site should have a valid landing page. Some pages might not work that would tamper the page rank.


This score determines the number of clicks taken by the consumer to reach the desired page. The customer usually does not wish to be redirected to multiple pages.

Duplicate content

Search engines consider duplicate content as an offence or as a negative trait of the website. Our audit report will check for the authenticity of the site.

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