YouTube Advertising

Advertising is the pictorial connectivity between the company and the consumer

About YouTube Advertising

People from across the globe utilise YouTube for educational and entertainment purposes. Over 2 billion people use these mediums every month. Companies can conducted target advert campaigns based on consumer demographics and interest. YouTube has developed stringent measures in favour of the companies. The viewers cannot completely skip the ads displayed at the beginning and the middle of the video. This provides an opportunity for brands to build a rapport with their consumers.

What Is YouTube Advertising?

Youtube allows companies to place 30 to 60-second videos at the beginning or the middle of the video. The users cannot skip the video for the first 5 to 7 seconds. The link of the company is provided below the ad for the benefit of the consumers.

Why Do You Need YouTube Advertising?

The current trend dictates that consumers expect the information in the form of stories or concepts. The videos are the most effective way of narrating a story with audio-visual representation.

How Does Google YouTube Advertising work?

YouTube has determined a minimum budget for placement of the advert. The position is determined by the target profile selected by the company. The money is utilised if the consumer views the advert for more than 30 seconds or click on the link.

youtub advertising imageWhat Do We Do In Youtube Advertising

We ideate and develop the video required for the purpose. We stimulate the curiosity of the consumers in the first few seconds prompting them to take necessary action. We monitor and measure the results through the analytics tool.

How We Do It In Youtube Advertising

We create a long term plan and segment the activities into distinctive segments. This allows creating defined videos that would convey the context and the brand message to the consumers.

you tube advertising image

Why Choose Us in Youtube Advertising

Maxlence is one of the few companies in the region to have a complete digital marketing team. We can develop videos, create content, formulate strategies and execute them with precision. This eliminates errors due to communication gaps.

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