Media Relations

Newspapers, magazines and other media ports have high-reliability factors due to the authenticity and unbiased information.

About Media Relations

Newspapers, magazines and other media ports have high-reliability factors due to the authenticity and unbiased information. These mediums also have a certain allotted for companies to display their important milestones and other essential information. A media mention enhances the credibility of the brand about the potential target group. The article attains maximum visibility due to the viewership of the newspaper or magazine. These aspects improve the lead generation and guarantees results.

What Is Media Relations?

Media Relations is the relationship between the companies and the media houses. The newspapers and magazines are consistently updated about the achievements and developments that happen within the organisation.

Why Do You Need Media Relations?

Every marketing medium has a specific impact on the mindset of consumers. An article or mention in the newspaper is not considered as a promotional tool. It is presumed as vital information about the brand. This has a better reach and impact in comparison to all other segments.

How Does Media Relations Work?

The public relation or digital marketing agency connects with the media organisations in the area to introduce the company. We plan press meets, product launches, exclusive interviews and even media releases to maintain the visibility of the company in these avenues.

What Do We Do In Media Relations

Maxlence identifies the ideal newspapers, magazines and other mediums that would fit the client's profile. We develop exciting and unique articles and events that would attract the attention of the press. We create a media calendar to keep the company active in the media.
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How We Do It In Media Relations

We build a rapport with the related press team on behalf of the clients. We introduce the company to the journalists and answer the various queries about the company. We formulate the right time to position this material and track their response.

Why Choose Us in Media Relations

Maxlence has an extensive network of media connects for promotion of the company through public relations. We can identify the ideal media solutions for the campaigns and activities undertaken by the company. We can handle the entire event right from organising the meet to tracking the response.

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