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About Digital / Social Videos

The era of static images is almost outdated. Companies have so much information to communicate to their potential target group. It becomes challenging to achieve it through a single image. Digital / Social Videos allows brands to provide a sneak preview of their products, services, highlights and other information. They are entertaining and conveys the intended message in a simple format. This increase the probability of success for the campaigns and the company.

What Is Digital / Social Videos?

These are videos created especially for the Digital and Social media. They are not big videos which talk about the complete company profile. They are short snippets that focus on a critical piece of information.

Why Do You Need Digital / Social Videos?

Consumers expect innovation from the companies and the videos can be utilised to accomplish this purpose. This entertainment and informative aspect of the video can be used to promote the company and its services.

How Does Digital / Social Videos Work?

There are two distinct aspects of the creation of the Digital / Social Videos. The first step would be to develop the story or the concept. This will be in line with the current campaign or consumer expectation. The video is then prepared by the concerned teams to narrate this story.

What Do We Do In Digital/Social Videos

Maxlence ideates the various concepts and storylines for the videos. This is done based on the social media platform and the type of target audience. We develop the video and position them in the mediums. We track and analyse the response.
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How We Do It In Digital/Social Videos

Our project manager and the content team create the concept and the script. Our video production team develops the video based on the inputs received from the associated groups. We formulate a promotional plan for the videos and measure the response rate.

Why Choose Us in Digital/Social Videos

We have a dedicated team of video development, story creation, scriptwriting and editing. We brainstorm and identify the distinctive concept that would make a difference. We successfully create a new story and yet manage to maintain the brand quotient.

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